Houston Community College Eliminate Junk Food in Your Diet Persuasive Essay

Title: Houston Community College Eliminate Junk Food in Your Diet Persuasive Essay

you can see down in the instructions a lot of topics you can choose one of them and you have to tell me what topic you chose before you start writing the speech and screpit please follow the instruction and do not plagiarize. thanks In Persuasive Speaking, you take a stand on an issue and then try to persuade the audience to agree with that issue. The aim of a persuasive speech is to convince or motivate an audience to do something. You are essentially trying to sway the audience to adopt your own viewpoint. The best persuasive speech topics are thought-provoking and have a clear opinion. You should speak about something you are knowledgeable about and can argue for your opinion, as well as objectively discuss a counter-argument. The following are Methods of Persuasion: 1. **FACTS or STATISTICS** : These should appeal to the audiences' mind not their emotions. Also, it is very difficult to argue against know and accepted facts and researched statistics. 2. **REFER TO AN AUTHORITY** : An author is an expert, someone who can be relied on to give unbiased facts and information. However, beware of pretenders who people think are authorities because they are interesting or glamorous; they are not necessarily authorities. Example: If you are trying to convince the audience to stop smoking, then the Surgeon General of the United States is considered an authority as are medical researchers. 3. **GIVE EXAMPLES** : An example should clearly relate to the argument and should be typical enough to support it. You will find many examples for your persuasive point if you do a little research. For example, if you are persuading your audience that public school students should wear uniforms, you will find many examples of this issue online, accompanied by facts and statistics. 4. **PREDICT A CONSEQUENCE** : Predicting the consequence helps the audience visualize what will occur if something does or does not happen. Example: To convince your audience that a college education should be free to all qualified students, you might say, "If bright but economically deprived students cannot attend college because the cannot afford it, our society will be robbed of their talents." This is an appeal to reason, logic, and emotion. 5. **ANSWER THE OPPOSITON** : Answering possible critics shows that you are aware of the opposition's argument and are able to respond to it. Why should you mention opposite opinions? a. Your reference to opposite opinions shows that you know what other are saying. b. It shows that you are not purposely overlooking points in order to make your own ideas look stronger. c. It shows that you are fair and that you do not see things in black and white only, that you are willing to consider ideas and points that do not agree with ours. d. It give you more to speak about; you can go on to attack the ideas others have. Here are some examples of incorporating the opposing point of view: _Example_ : Although some teenagers may make mature and informed decisions, not all teenagers are able to make such important decisions by themselves. Therefore, teenagers should be required to get their parent's permission before being allowed to have an abortion. _Example_ : Although there are some individuals who seem to be immune to the negative effects of primary and secondary cigarette smoke, the majority of people will suffer some form of health damage when they are continuously exposed to cigarette smoke. _IMPORTANT: DO NOT SPEND TOO MUCH TIME ON THE OPPOSITION_ . Your audience will become confused on the issue you are persuading. Let your audience see that you know the opposition and then move on to persuade your point. _You do not need to mention the opposition more than once in a 3- 5 minute speech_. **BASIC RQUIRMENT FOR WRITING AN EFFECTIVE ARGUMENT:** **** 1. Express a clear stance on the issue. _Example_ : To reduce youth violence, conflict resolution skills should be taught to all children before they reach middle school. _Example_ : American women should stop buying so-called women's magazines because those publications lower their self esteem. _Example_ : Adopted children should be able to read thorough their adoption files and make contact with their biological parents if they choose. 2. Provide sufficient support. Thoroughly research your issue. 3. Use a tone that is reasonable and convincing. Do not bang on the podium or flail your arms. Avoid absolute terms such as "all, always, every, never". Use moderate substitutes such as "most, frequently, many, rarely." Do not raise your voice to angry levels. You will lose your audience. 4. Choose an issue that you believe in or have some feelings for, some commitment. It will be easier for you to research this topic and deliver the speech and you will sound more convincing. 5. Do not forget the human element. **Abraham Maslow** believed that human behavior and decision-making are motivated by one of the five **need** levels in his **hierarchy**. Applied to **persuasive speaking** , your ability to effectively appeal to one of these motivational drivers is a key determinant of your potential success. Google Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs to view online. There are MANY sources. Here is just one: https://lifehacker.com/employ- maslows-heirarchy-of-needs-to-be-more-persuasive-1577342503 The following ideas are samples of persuasive topics. Read through them; they will stimulate your thinking. They are just sample; you are free to choose any of them or none of them. It is better to choose an issue you believe in. * Should Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and/or other fantasy characters be removed from the cultural psyche of our children or not? These characters to not exist and yet we lie to our children about their existence...or...do we need these character. * Halloween has become too dangerous a holiday and should be dropped as a holiday....or....not. * Should war be televised or not? * Unhealthy food and drink products should be sold with additional taxation...or...not. * Music and art education should be cut from the high school curriculum ...or...not. * Young girls should stop buying magazines that promote unhealthy versions of women. * The United States should move toward a 4-day work week. * People convicted of drunk driving should serve a minimum jail term..or..not. * Condom machines should be in Middle School and High School bathrooms ...or...not. * Remove or do not remove alcoholic beverage ads from television. * Exit exams should be or should not be required of all students looking to graduate from college. * Public school students should or should not wear uniforms. * High school and/or college students should or should not be required to volunteer in their community as a requirement for graduation. * We should only buy Nike sneakers or not. (Choose another brand or product of your choice.) * It would be smart to eliminate junk food from your diet ... or...not. * Parents should read to their young children several times a week....or parents should leave reading to the teachers. * Adoption files should be opened to children who have been placed for adoption ...or...not. * Should Black Friday sales be allowed to begin on Thanksgiving? * Should bullies be expelled from school? * Should all student be allowed to learn an instrument in school? * Should prostitution be legal? * Should professional female athletes be paid the same as the male athletes in the same sport? * Your topic can be as simple as convincing your audience to eat at a specific restaurant, or buy clothes at a specific store, or to simply go on vacation. Once you’ve chosen a persuasive speech topic that you’re ready to use, it’s time to sit down and write your thesis, your outline, and then your speech. Here is a quick list of tips to help you with your persuasive writing. Whether it’s a speech, a presentation, or an argumentative academic essay , you’ll want to be sure to remember this advice when it comes time to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard). - Use effective words and sentences to get your point of view across in a way that resonates with your audience. - Choose a subject you’re passionate about and make emotional connections. - Express your point of view thoroughly but make sure you’ve considered an opposing argument. - Create an outline before you start writing to help you stay organized. - When researching, make sure to stick to credible sources you can trust. - Use examples. This helps your audience make stronger connections and absorb the information you’re telling them. - Make sure you have a good thesis statement to guide your speech. - Do more than just complain or inform your audience about your topic. ** _You must use a visual aid for this speech._** A **visual aid** supplements words with pictures, charts, graphs, or other **visual** information. They are important because they help the audience understand and remember, increase audience interest, and act as notes or reminders for the speaker. A chart or an object or objects are fine for your first speech using an aid. * Determine when is the best time to show the visual aid. **_Integrate it into your deliver_** _y_. Do not just hold it up at the end of the speech! NO! NO! * Ensure that the visual aids can be seen by everyone in the audience. * Face the audience most of the time rather than the image. * Avoid reading from the visual aid. * As soon as you show the visual aid, the audience's attention will be drawn to it, so you must immediately explain it. You will be ignored if you talk about something else. * Make it clear to the audience why you are using it. * When you no longer need the visual aid, ensure that the audience can't see it. In case you have a similar question and need it answered for you just buy cheap essay online now. At Academized we have all the most qualified academic writers and tutors, for all your assignments, essays, cases studies, discussion posts, project proposals, research papers, discussion posts, nursing assignments, admission essays, blog articles, and other forms of academic work.

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